Tuesday, September 29, 2009

What's For Lunch

As I walked around the lunchroom at my work I noticed an eclectic verity of one poor dietary choice after another. If I didn't know any better I would have thought I was walking through a grade school cafeteria... sad really.

There's one guy eating some sort of lunch-meat sandwich on white bread, potato chips, a can of soda, and one of those little single serving snack pies; the only saving grace is the badly bruised seemingly way past its expiration date banana that sits amongst the other members of this otherwise unhealthy meal.

Another has what appears to be a spaghetti and meatball microwavable meal, two heavily buttered slices of white bread, a bag of chips, and a bottle of Snapple (trust me, not "from the best things on earth").

Oh, let me not forget the person eating the microwavable stew in a can... and these people wonder why they're not healthy.

It's sad to think that an adult would make the same poor choices as a child (if left up to him or her) when it comes to the question, "what's for lunch?" I think I even saw someone trade there pudding snack for a candy bar, but that just might have been my eyes playing tricks on me.

Well back to my lunch... a bowl of last night's home made organic chili (with grass fed beef) and an organic salad made with fresh organic (locally grown) ingredients.

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