Friday, October 2, 2009

Don't Assume When It Comes To Your Health

Whether you look at it from a religious point of view or a scientific point of view, you can't deny that life is a miracle. There are so many variables involved in the successful creation of a healthy being and so many more ready and willing to derail this wonder of nature before it even has a fighting chance, yet one's health is the most common thing taken for granted.

Life, you can't put a price on it... except most people do just about every time they make poor decisions at the food store, or at work, or at home, that undoubtedly put your health at risk.

DO NOT ASSUME that the store selling you the product or the manufacturer who made it, at any time has your best interest let alone your health at heart. Don't assume that the laundry list of chemicals, food colorings, fillers and additives that clutter the ingredients listed on any package of non-organic processed food are, in any way good for you. Don't assume that the chemicals and dyes sprayed so heavily on that non-organic produce you buy is by any means not harmful. Don't think that the non grass-fed beef or non free-grazed poultry and eggs that fill your cart every week are doing your body good.

DON'T ASSUME the toxic chemicals that are in most household cleaning products are by any means safe... that horrific odor they let off is trying to tell you something.

DON'T ASSUME that whatever situation you are putting yourself in at work is not hazardous just because others tell you "you'll be fine". Don't ignore that voice in your head making you second guess the situation... to a business you are nothing more than a replaceable commodity.

Throughout our lifetime we are affected by so many poor decisions others make, each of which is out of our hands and most of us are none the wiser, which is why smart decisions on our part are so important. Millions and millions of people suffer from the effects of ours and others poor decisions in the form of some form of disease or dissorder; Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Chronic Disorders (pain and inflammation), Asthma, Life Threatening Food Allergies (which are becoming more and more common at an alarming rate), you name it.

You have one body and one chance to do it right, so be smart and don't assume.

Eat healthy, live healthy, be healthy, it's that easy!

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