Tuesday, October 6, 2009

E Coli In Our Food... Again!

It's headlines again... bacteria in our food has horrible unimaginable effects on the public. I don't understand how long it will take for our government to see that in an effort to have absolute control when it comes to the food processing industry, they have none. The truth is the FDA has ZERO control over the quality of what gets sold at our local grocery stores... the evidence makes front page news every other month.

Organic farmers have been fighting this for years, pleading their case that slaughtering their own beef would result in a far cleaner and safer environment and with much easier traceability and better accountability. The way it stands chickens are the only thing a farmer can raise, slaughter, and sell (and the government still makes that difficult), but the result is little to no cases of bacteria in the meat.

The problem with the way things are handled now is no accountability, no real traceability, and no face on the product being sold. Animals are slaughtered in poor unsanitary environments by people far too disconnected from the animals they slaughter, and as for the food inspectors I mean who do these people really work for... money talks and these large corporations that practically run this country's food industry have a lot of it. Yet the government still believes they can better monitor this mess with a few centralized slaughter houses.

The truth is a local farmer has more to lose by not following strict guidelines and by not providing the best quality food, because they actually have a face... people know them. They put all the hard work into these animals and to them they're the farmers livelihood, their reputation, not just a number on a tag stapled to the animals ear (or however it's done in these feedlots). I buy strictly Organic Grass Fed beef from a local farmer, and although he doesn't slaughter the cows himself you can be sure he cares who is handling his animals.

If you think I have it all wrong then try to find the company that sells you the beef you purchase from the grocery store, or the feedlots these animals are raised in... ask them questions, ask for a tour, see if they're eager to divulge anything. I guarantee the only tour you will be getting is the one off their property.

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