Monday, October 26, 2009

Organic Wine

We all enjoy a glass from time to time; whether it's to celebrate something special or simply to complement that perfect meal, there are flavors and blends that go with just about anything.

When we think about wine though organic doesn't usually come to mind, but why not?

Think for a second about where that wine comes from and how it's made... By now, knowing what you know about organic and non-organic fruits; the tremendous health benefits of nutrient packed organic fruits (pesticide and chemical free), and the heavily sprayed non-organic variety not only lacking in the vitamins minerals and polyphenols category but also sporting unhealthy amounts of chemicals dyes and food colorings, it's a no brainer when we're food shopping.

But what about wine?

If the wine you buy is made from grapes that have been sprayed with pesticides and herbicides then how safe is it? And what about the "health benefits" from those antioxidants the experts claim is in that glass of wine?

These antioxidants come from the flavonoids (a type of polyphenol) found in the skin of fruits and vegetables, and studies show that non-organic fruits (and vegetables) have considerably lower quantities of this powerful nutrient. So whether you're looking for a pesticide free glass of wine or your daily dose of antioxidants the chose practically makes itself.

Being a firm believer in organic farming I couldn't have been more pleased when my wife found an organic winery in our area. It's a small family owned and run winery and the only organic one in our state. We visited it this weekend and were both very pleased. They had 4 blends on hand for tasting and purchase, and the prices weren't bad at all... and they tasted great!


  1. While Organic wine is often regarded at being less likely to include traces of pesticides or herbicides, it's worth noting that most organic wines still use Sulphites when bottling in order to preserve the wine, and many use egg whites to improve the wine's clarity. Just worth being aware of if you're thinking that organic is the same as un-processed or chemical free.

    We looked at a completely natural wine recently on our show, no sulphites at any stage - not even to wash the bottles, in large part due to a family member being highly allergic to any sulphites in even trace amounts.

    You can see the wine, from Aussie producer Torbreck, here

  2. Thank you for your comment, it's an excellent point which further proves the point that the definition or interpretation of the word "organic" is not always cut and dry(see my post "organic versus organic").

    With the many stages of processing in today's food industry even a product from a small company that started out with an "organic intent" can become by definition processed.

    I did notice that the wine contained sulphites, and although I wish it did not, because of my strong feelings towards "Locally Grown Organic Foods" I feel this vineyard was and is well worth supporting.

    Thank you again for sharing your knowledge, and I will definitely give those wines you mentioned a look.


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