Thursday, October 22, 2009

That Same Old Organic Dilemma

So my latest grocery shopping experience yielded mixed feelings from me regarding the acceptance of Organic Food in our society.

I tend to do part of my food shopping (especially during the winter months) at my local grocery store since they have a great selection of organic foods; the rest of my shopping is done at a local health food store, as well as local organic farms. As I was standing in the checkout line waiting my turn, I was very surprised to see the woman ahead of me had all organic foods; a rarity indeed.

This was pleasing to see since I truly believe that everyone can greatly benefit from this type of smart shopping. Sadly to say though I was not so surprised as to what happened next. As we were sitting there waiting on a price check for a bag of organic oranges I could have predicted exactly what was about to be said. When the employee finally came back with the price she felt the need to question the shoppers choice...

"$5.99" she said, followed by "Are you sure you want these (organic)?"

Thankfully the women said yes and was not swayed by the employees ignorance, but this isn't always the case. Grocery stores are accommodating the growing population of organic food shoppers, but only in the sense that they are providing the product. Unfortunately it is usually displayed/marketed poorly, separated from the non-organic produce and other products making it almost an out-of-the-way chore. That along with higher prices (especially in today's economy) makes organic food seem less desirable, but add to that uneducated employees giving unsolicited advice and opinions on the matter and it's practically a kiss of death.

Don't let others sway your opinion when it comes to a healthy diet... Shop Organic!

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