Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Healthy Appetizers

So you've been invited to a party or housewarming or holiday gathering and now you're faced with the big dilemma... "What to bring?"

Sure a bottle of wine and some store bought snack is always an option, but why not put a little thought and creativity behind that otherwise empty gesture?

There are a number of healthy organic easy to make appetizers that will no doubt be the talk of the night. A few of the easiest and tastiest are three of my favorites; guacamole, hummus, and salsa. All three when made from scratch with fresh organic ingredients are a great way to impress your friends and family with some culinary creativity, and at the same time providing what I can guarantee will be some of the healthiest food on the table.

My Homemade organic guacamole with fresh garlic and jalapenos is a great source of potassium and healthy fat. Studies show that avocados are great for maintaining healthy cholesterol levels not to mention the garlic and jalapenos will clear any and all sinuses. The hummus made with organic chickpeas (garbanzo beans), tahini, unrefined olive oil, and fresh organic lemon juice and garlic is no doubt a healthy protein packed snack. And the salsa made with organic whole peeled tomatoes, fresh organic chili peppers and or jalapenos, garlic, onions, and organic seasonings is sure to hold its own in both the taste and nutrition categories.

So surprise your friends with any or all of these amazing appetizers and enjoy!

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