Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Another Soy Misconception

Over the weekend I experienced another "Soy Misconception" as I like to call them from an individual with a degree in nutrition. I am seeing this more and more and in my opinion it is a very scary reality, especially for those with a soy allergy.

This particular incident involved a nutritionist by trade who owns farmland for which soy is one of the main crops. As we got to talking I made mention "half jokingly" of being on edge as I made the journey back into the farm down the long dirt driveway surrounded on either side by soy crops. When I pointed out that this of course was due to my allergy to soy, she was surprised.

"That's not very common (a soy allergy) because they put it everything, even as a milk replacement."

I said actually it is much more common than you realize despite the fact that they put it in everything.

What bothered me most I guess was that if those who are educated in the field of nutrition, the "teachers" to the general public, are so misinformed about the commonness of soy as a food allergy and the severity of the allergy itself then this fight for recognition as one of the top food allergies remains a tough uphill battle.

Just because something like the soy industry is backed by so much money influencing those with power resulting in a product that has found its way into all of our lives unknowingly and unwillingly, doesn't mean it should have this universal "get out of jail free card".

I see soy as a politician... Just because its campaign seems to be funded by deep bottomless pockets doesn't make it the right choice.

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