Friday, October 30, 2009

Drug Company or Drug Dealer

What if we lived in a world where drug dealers were so organized they chose to operate as legalized corporations rather than illegal cartels?

What if they used money (and lots of it) to influence people with power, governments, and countries rather than guns?

What if they sold drugs with so many side effects (many lethal) that they had to spend millions in marketing/advertising to even make them appear slightly worth the risk?

What if much of this marketing was spent by the drug dealer "company" paying off the drug pusher "doctor" in order to get their product on the streets as quickly as possible?

What if these ugly almost unthinkable marketing tactics were geared to prey on the weak and terminal?

What if the drugs sold were so addictive that there was even a black market where they could be sold illegally without a prescription?

What if this illegal market which was ultimately created by "legalized" drug dealers was so big that some of these legal drugs were actually some of the biggest illegal drugs being sold?

What if these drugs did more harm than good despite what they claimed, often causing the addict "patient" to need some other drug to combat the first drugs side effects, causing an endless cycle and a laundry list of prescribed drugs?

What if some of these drugs eventually get pulled off the market, after countless deaths, because the FDA approval that they somehow got never should have been?

What if in this world of legalize drug dealers the long term benefit of these drugs was never to cure the user, but simply to keep them hooked on as many as possible simply because there's no real profit in a drug that cures?

What if we lived in such a world?

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