Monday, November 2, 2009

Diet vs Depression

Listening to the news on the way in to work today I heard them mention a study being done (in France I believe) as to the effects your diet has on depression; more specifically poor diets high in processed foods.

The number of people especially children being diagnosed and treated with prescriptions for some form of depression on a yearly basis is dramatically increasing at an alarming rate. If you do some research you will see that the numbers are very disturbing.

I think it's great that such studies are being done and I think the medical community should start putting a lot more stock into diet as the cause for many of the illnesses and chronic conditions that plague our society. Modern medicine and medical practices have proven to be very effective in emergency treatment situations and I wouldn't want to live in any other country for that reason alone, but unfortunately this same medical community has proven to be simply horrible at curing or preventing diseases and chronic illnesses. They would rather look in any other direction then in that of basic human health (dietary needs, importance of vitamin and mineral supplements, fresh organic whole foods over processed foods...) resulting in a very arrogant "incurable" label put on just about everything; diabetes... no cure, cancer... no cure, heart disease... no cure, chronic anything... no cure.

I hope this study proves what I've read numerous times in numerous books by numerous authors, that a healthy diet and healthy lifestyle is not only the best preventative medicine but can also cure what ails you.

Start living healthy today!

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