Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Local Organic Farmers

I've written about this topic numerous times, but truthfully I feel it can't be written about enough. I feel very strongly about supporting Local Organic Farmers for many reasons, and I believe at least one of them can appeal to just about everyone.

Maybe it appeals to the "save and preserve mother earth" type, since true organic farming, free of chemical-based fertilizers and pesticides, is the only true way to reap the bounty of the land while giving back and at the same time never harming the environment.

Or maybe it appeals to the animal rights activist in you, since organic free grazed animals (cows, chickens, sheep, pigs...) are often animal welfare certified. This means that the animal being farmed is given the best possible life for as long as it's on this planet. Sure you can argue that the animal is still eventually being slaughtered, but I would argue that these animals are "farm" animals. In other words, in this ever growing urban sprawling land in which we live in, if there were no farms then most if not all these animals would probably cease to exist. So if the choice is feed lots overcrowded with cows standing in their own feces, or chickens packed together so tightly they actually have to have their beaks removed so they don't peck and harm the other chickens around them strictly out of boredom, or the pigs packed together so tightly they have to have their tails clipped for the same reason, and none of these animals ever stepping foot on grass... if the choice is between this or organic free grazed animal welfare certified local farms, well it's really a no brainer.

Or maybe this topic appeals to the "pro-community" side of you, encouraging and even supporting businesses in your area.

And even if none of these reasons appeal to you then maybe for selfish reasons alone you realize the importance of organic farming and free grazed animals to YOUR HEALTH!

Support this for your own reasons, but support it none the less.

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