Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Swine Flu Skepticism

The swine flu (H1N1) remains a hot topic in the news although lately the focus is not so much the flu itself, but rather the swine flu vaccine or more accurately the hesitation of parents to have their kids vaccinated.

I for one am happy to hear parents are very leery about the safety of this vaccine despite what the government is saying. I am not a believer in vaccinations period and I'm sure others feel the same way, but this mass reluctance to simply obey the government because "they know best and would never put you or your family's health at risk" is about something different.

This is about something different though, this is bigger than the vaccine or any vaccine for that matter.

This is about a countries distrust in its government when it comes actively taking a role in the health and wellness of its people.

This is about a country whose government has failed time and time again as it tries to regulate and oversee a poorly run food industry, leading to contaminated food in the stores and on your dinner table and you in the emergency room.

This is about a country whose drug suppliers (the major pharmaceutical companies) seem to have way to much political power and influence.

This is about a countries "Microsoft" approach to approving the sale of prescription drugs as if it was the next sub-par full-of-holes operating system; get it out there safe or not and deal with the consequences (in reality casualties) as they come.

This is about a country whose people are finally saying we don't feel our government has our best interest at heart when it comes to our health and that of our families.

I think this skepticism is a long time coming and necessary things are ever going to change.

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