Thursday, November 5, 2009

Simply a Better Bird

My wife and I had a "pre-Thanksgiving" Thanksgiving dinner-for-two last night with a 3.5lb bird (chicken not turkey) that we bought from a local Organic Free-Grazing Farm.

Hands down it was the best bird we had ever had!

Now I don't want to give all the credit away because bragging aside I think my wife and I are pretty darn good cooks, but the bird has to get most of the credit here. It's one thing when you're talking about some fancy creative chicken dish that one of us whipped together, but when you're simply talking about a few fresh seasonings (onion, garlic, paprika...) a bird, and a Crockpot well let's just say it's all about the bird.

Are they more expensive than what you buy in the store?

Yes, but there's really no comparison so why shouldn't they be. It's not simply the quality "taste wise" although for some I'm sure that would be enough, but the truth is you're paying for a much healthier happier (yes happier) bird. These birds spend their days grazing the fields eating all that nature intended them to, as opposed to being fed grain and never stepping foot on grass. That means an omega-3 rich and toxin/pesticide/herbicide/drug free diet and a stress free life.

And since you are what you eat, literally...

Of course there's always the "other of chickens"; birds crammed together in some building, beaks clipped, fed diets consisting of corn and other grains (high in omega-6) that were probably sprayed with pesticides and other chemicals prior to harvesting, not to mention the colorful assortment drugs they're probably given to keep them healthy up until slaughter. Even if you're buying an advertised organic free-grazed bird at your local grocery store remember this, to be given the label "free-grazed" the animal only needs access to grass, they never actually have to step foot on it.

So if you want the real deal, go to the source and see for yourself.

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