Thursday, November 19, 2009

Shelf-Life Equals Unhealthy In Many Cases

I heard a conversation this morning in the cafeteria where I work regarding the shelf life of certain products, or should I say the lack of shelf life. A woman was commenting (more accurately complaining) about how some packaged foods seem to last forever in the refrigerator while others spoil quickly.

Achieving a lengthy shelf life is something food manufacturers spend millions on and they use this seemingly positive quality to their advantage (since many shoppers feel the same as my misguided coworker), but it's this very quality of processed foods that make them so unhealthy.

All of those additives fillers and preservatives, as well as that laundry list of unpronounceable words, that clutter the ingredients list on that box or bag of whatever are no doubt a major reason for this countries many health epidemics; obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cancer...

The truth is all of these artificial ingredients are created in a lab by someone with no education (or concern) when it comes to the human body and what it needs to maintain a healthy state. Their only concern is that of creating something that can go relatively undetected by the taste buds and fly under the radar of the FDA while achieving whatever unnatural goal they're trying to achieve.

If you removed all of the natural ingredients from any package of processed non-organic food you would not be left with much at all, except of course for the dozen or so chemicals food manufactures are not required to list...

Be smart and eat healthy. Leave those science projects being sold as food just where you found them, at the store.

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