Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Health Care

Today's the day Obama will address the nation on repairing America's broken health care system. It's a topic that has seen many battles; how to make health care in a country that is suppose to have the best medical treatment in the world affordable for those who have it, and how to provide it to those who can't afford it.

That is a question I'll leave to the "experts" to answer since it seems they've done such a great job thus far... but I would like to comment on the "health" portion of health care. One thing you can do to make health care more affordable to you is to be proactive when it comes to your health and that of your families. People spend (waist) an enormous amount of time and money on trying to figure out how to, well to put it plainly afford the effects of a very unhealthy lifestyle, yet few want to take the time to address the real problem.

How can you make health care more affordable?

Try living a healthy lifestyle, and by that I mean one that centers around a healthy diet. Eat healthy; and I don't mean what the manufacturers of all that processed food in your cabinets and fridge market as "healthy", I mean eat fresh organic whole foods, grass fed meets, free grazed poultry and eggs, and wild caught fish. Consume a healthy diet in combination with the right supplements, and you would be surprised how that truck load of hard earned money that's thrown at health care every year is reduced; say goodbye to colds, to chronic pains, and to many of the conditions that plague this country.

The healthier you are the less medical attention you will need! Almost sounds too easy to be true.

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