Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Fountain of Youth

The fountain of youth... it's been dreamed up, written about, and sought after by countless for many years, but does this mythological place dreams really exist?

Can scientists make fantasy into reality? Or better yet can some large company package this science experiment into some appealing pill or cream and market these products of false hopes as the real deal?

Obviously the answer is yes, just look down the beauty aisle or pharmacy aisle of any grocery/convenience store... they wouldn't sell if they didn't have any takers.

What if the fountain of youth wasn't a mystical place at all, but rather something more tangible.

What if it's actually something our bodies cry out for, and for those who hear the cries and choose to answer them have been benefiting from for years.

What if you can find this "fountain of youth" in a place as common as your local grocery store, or health food store, or local farm stand.

What if this "fountain of youth" had another name, something we've all heard before.

The only true way to stay feel and look healthy (or young) is to actually be healthy, and the only way to achieve this is through a healthy diet.

Eat fresh organic whole foods, grass fed meets, and free grazed poultry and eggs instead of that Big- Mac bag-of-chips energy drink frozen dinner diet you're use to, and your "youth" might not be so un-obtainable!

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