Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Living Healthy is a Lifestyle Change

For most, following a healthy path is a major lifestyle change, and I think that really frightens people. Evolution has conditioned us to follow the path of least resistance when faced with problems, but sometimes this path is only the "path of least resistance" when looked at from a hear-and-now point of view.

"Resistance" can be loosely defined as any sort of opposition; whether it's an objects ability to oppose the flow of electricity, or a secret organization working as an opposition force against a greater authority, or an objects ability to oppose motion (better known as friction). Resistance as it would have related to primitive man could possibly be described as danger, and therefore the path of least resistance would be the path that put man in the least amount of danger; most likely the other direction.

Although we can relate that definition to modern people, I would like to offer another possible definition... change. Change equals work, and to most people work is NOT the path of least resistance. So if we look at resistance as it relates to our state of health, we can say that the path of least resistance is that of which involves the least amount of work; or change. So if someone has an ache or pain or any other health related condition and is confronted with two options; "take this pill" or start living healthy (i.e. a healthy diet), guess which one most people will choose?

Based on the epidemic of chronic health conditions in this country, I think the question answers itself. We (as a people) want instant relief with little to no effort required on our part, and without bearing the consequences of our actions. A natural approach to health and wellness does not yield instant results because fixing the cause of a problem, and the damage it has done, always takes longer than treating its symptoms; but that requires dedication work and change... resistance to our normal ways. Because it will always be easier and more convenient in the eyes of most people to continue on the unhealthy path of fast foods and processed foods consisting of highly refined sugars and flowers, artificial preservatives, additives, and chemicals, rather than a healthy diet consisting of fresh organic whole foods, the path of least resistance will remain the same; eat without consequence and take a pill to ease the pain.

Choose the path you perceive as resistance when it comes to a healthy lifestyle; choose to be healthy. Once you make the initial lifestyle change you will be amazed at how natural living healthy comes, and by the very definition of natural ("effortless, arising easily") it becomes clear that the natural way is actually the path of least resistance.

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