Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Multivitamin Dilemma

If you're like most people that blindly shop for supplements down the vitamin aisle of your local food store or drug store, then you're basically allowing the manufacturer of these inferior products to make, what in my opinion is a very important decision for you... to them you either fall into the "Active Man or Woman's" multivitamin, the "over 40 multi", the "50 and up multi", etc.

The question here is, is there really a cookie cutter mold that we fall into when it comes to the nutrients our body's need?

It is true most people, especially those with an American diet full of highly processed foods, are deficient in certain nutrients (Vitamins C, D, B, Omega-3...), but what I've learned from my own research, my own experience, and through my kineliologist is that each of our bodies need different nutrients, not simply based on our age or how active we are but rather by how our bodies deal with toxins.

It is an undeniable fact that we are exposed to an astonishing number of toxins on a daily basis let alone within our lifetime; in the air you breath, the chemical based products you may be using, the non-organic hygiene products you might be using, and if you're not eating organic foods then the foods you eat, just to name a few.

Each of us, for whatever reason, handle these toxins differently and as a result requires different nutrients at different levels and with different levels of urgency. Kineliology gives us the ability to let our bodies tell us what is wrong and what we really need, not what some multivitamin manufacturer says.

Sure we are all human and our bodies need the same core nutrients to survive, and maybe in a perfect world with no outside interference we would all need or not need the same things. The truth is though when it comes to this "outside interference" it is not a perfect world and we each, as individuals are exposed to different toxins at different levels and our bodies handle them differently.

So be smart and listen to what your body tells you!


  1. Different body requires different nutrition, so it is advisable to consult first with a physician before taking any supplements. Everyone should bare in mind that aside from taking supplements, one must be conscious of his diet and daily activities to live a healthy lifestyle.
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  2. You are correct, and thank you for bringing it up. This is a very important fact and one that I've mentioned multiple times in a number of posts... that everyone should consult a health-care practitioner to determine what exactly they need as far as supplementation. I make it no secret that I have given up on the "mainstream" practices when it comes to health care as I feel they have proven to be very ineffective, and I follow a more natural alternative approach, but I always seek the guidance of my kineliologist prior to taking any supplements.

    And I am a firm believer as you can see from the tone of most all of my posts that there is NO substitute for a healthy diet and lifestyle.


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