Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Oh How Far We've Come

Three years ago I thought I was healthy. I didn't smoke, I didn't drink excessively, I went to the gym although I had many aches and pains (mainly tendinitis), I never took drugs although I depended on over the counter pain killers and anti-inflammatories to ease the pain (as most Americans do), and I ate healthy or so I thought although my diet consisted of mostly non- organic heavily processed foods. Hey, the box or bag or container screamed healthy with misguided terms like "natural" and "low fat" and "vitamin enriched" and "whole grains"... three years ago I thought I was healthy.

Today I am truly a different person. Sure I still don't smoke or drink excessively, but that's where the similarities end. I now live for the most part pain free; I haven't taken any prescription or over-the-counter drugs in over two years, and any pains I do get I treat successfully using natural techniques and remedies. And today I can honestly say that I eat healthy; my diet consists of fresh organic produce, organic whole grains, grass fed beef and free-grazed chicken and eggs, wild caught fish, and organic minimally processed foods with as few ingredients as possible, no additives, no preservatives and no dyes and colorings. I use only organic soaps and shampoos as well as eco friendly biodegradable non-toxic household chemicals.

Three years ago I thought I was healthy... Today I am!

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