Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Pasta With a Tasty Twist

By now I hope you've come to realize the importance of fresh organic whole foods and have done your best to limit your intake of highly refined overly processed foods. That doesn't mean your favorite pasta dish has to be banned from your kitchen, it simply means you should limit how often it makes an appearance and when it does do your best to keep it healthy.

If you using organic whole grain pastas and making your own organic sauces (when possible) than your on the right track. The only thing that's left is to be creative...

Try butternut squash (or any variety of squash) sauce instead of the typical red sauce for your next pasta night, and put a tasty healthy twist on an old favorite.

1 Organic Squash (pealed, seeds removed, cubed)
2 Cloves Organic Garlic (minced)
Fresh organic parsley
Salt/Pepper to taste
1 tbsp Organic Olive Oil

Steam the squash until it is soft, and then mash in a bowl. While your pasta is boiling heat up the oil in a medium size pan over a low/medium flame and lightly brown the garlic (30sec to 1 min). Then add the squash, parsley, salt and pepper, mix together well over a low flame and serve.

When choosing a squash (as with all vegetables) try to go with what's in season to insure your getting the healthiest best tasting food possible, and with that said and pumpkin season almost upon us try substituting pumpkin for the squash.

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