Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Your Health and the Government

Rest assured that the government does not care about your health. I am not talking about some huge conspiracy involving secret organizations and all that nonsense although I've read many books on just that subject; no I won't go there, but you should know when it comes to government and your health the deciding factor will always be the mighty dollar.

I have posted about this topic once before, but a fellow blogger has recently posted a great article on "Genetically Modified Soy", so I thought it was a perfect time to revisit the topic... thanks Sarah.

The important thing to remember with genetically modified plants, be it fruit vegetable or whatever, is that profit is the ONLY driving force behind it. It started with corn and the government’s plan to use up all the excess nitrogen left behind from war-time chemicals. All it took was one scientist to come up with a way to use the nitrogen to make fertilizer, along with the help of one of nature’s most versatile and resilient crops; maize (corn).

The dots are pretty easy to connect from there... Use the nitrogen to make fertilizer; subsidize farmers that grow only corn and push them to grow more and more to use up the fertilizer; genetically modify corn to be able to grow more plants in a single field without a fear of overcrowding; help diminish this now abundance of corn by selling it to feed lots to use as food for cows as well as the thousands of other uses for corn (high fructose corn syrup, plant based bio degradable products, an "environmentally friendly" fuel source for running our cars, and the list goes on and on).

At no point did the government care whether or not this genetically engineered corn was good for us or the earth. The sad fact is that this engineered fertilizer that has lead to genetically engineer corn, solely for the purpose of larger better producing crops that have been pushed upon farmers to the point of over harvesting, have simply depleted the earth of many key nutrients resulting in poor soil and an inferior plant highly dependent upon pesticides and herbicides.

Add to that overcrowded feed lots jam packed with unhealthy cows just barely surviving up until slaughter with the only help coming in the form of a daily dose of antibiotics, all because of a unhealthy and unnatural diet consisting of... you guessed it corn, in order to help diminish this ever growing stock-pile of what started out as nothing more than a byproduct of one scientists brilliant idea of how to use up the governments over abundance of this war-time chemical.

The moral of this ugly story is be leery of genetically modified anything, because the driving force behind is sure to be the mighty dollar!

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