Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Always Put Your Health First

My wife and I have well water at our house from a well on the property, as do the surrounding houses on our block. The other weekend while speaking to some of the neighbors, the subject of well water came up. They mentioned that other wells in the town were contaminated, some of the homes not far from us. They also mentioned that the last time most of them had their wells tested (which seemed to be some time ago) a few of the wells showed elevated levels of curtain chemicals, and that although they were within the allowable range according to the state, some of the wells on some of the properties actually were considered contaminated based on the county's more strict standards.

I was then shocked to hear that of the houses who's wells tested high for these chemicals, some chose to stop drinking the water (buying bottled instead), some chose to continue drinking it (with the thinking "if it hasn't affected in all these years..."), but either way most haven't had their wells tested for some time.

There are enough toxins in our environment that we are subjected to on a daily basis that we have little control over, so why would you want to subject yourself to more especially when you can do something about it?

If you have a well then get it tested regularly, and if it's contaminated on any level then treat it; but to simply stop drinking it is only removing one of the many ways in which the containment in the water will find its way into you. First of all your skin, as you well know, is very porous and like a sponge will soak up just about anything. So if you shower with it than you can be sure it's in your system. Also if you cook with this contaminated water than you can be sure that the food coming in contact with it is soaking some up, which will result in these contaminants entering your body.

There are so many things that can affect our under-ground water supplies; pesticides, hazardous waste and not just at the industrial level but from households as well; be it cleaning supplies, oil, antifreeze, the list goes on and on.

So be conscious of your actions and always put your health first when making decisions!

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