Thursday, August 20, 2009

Overcoming Food Allergies

I often hear from others, even some with food allergies themselves, the same statement followed by the same question; "I'd die if I had a soy allergy... it's in everything, what can you eat?"

When I first found out about my food allergies (dairy and soy), and the impact soy has on the typical Americans diet, I went to my kinesiologist with the same panic in my voice asking him the very same question. His answer was simply and straight to the point... He said Mike there are many cultures out their most if not all far healthier than ours that have been existing for hundreds of years on diets that do not consist of dairy or soy", and he was right.

So the answer I give to those who ask me "it's in everything, what can I eat?", is just as simple and straight to the point... you can eat healthy.

It's really that simple. At first glance we think soy is in everything, but look a little deeper and you will see what I have; that most everything soy is in is unhealthy. It's in most any and all processed foods, so much so that the average shopper may feel there is nothing left in the grocery store safe for them to buy.
That is because most people are use to eating a diet high in processed foods, and not the healthier variety.

Introduce yourself to the produce aisle, and enjoy all the fresh organic produce you can find. Then introduce yourself to the organic section of your local food store (or your local health food store) and look for substitutes for the few processed foods you are sure to still purchase. Always look for those foods with the fewest ingredients; all natural, no preservatives and no additives of any kind.

See that wasn't so hard after all.

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