Wednesday, August 26, 2009

How Our Poor Health Decisions Affect Others

It is pretty sad to see how America's poor health / dietary sense has an unhealthy influence on our pets.

As I was reading the ingredients on a bag of "Beneful" dog food the other day, I quickly noticed that it is clearly marked in such a way as to influence people not dogs; which makes sense since we are the ones buying the dog food. And just as with processed foods we eat, these dog food manufacturers use the same marketing tactics. They count on our lack of knowledge when it comes to a healthy diet, and skillfully distract us with the pictures and misleading wording on the package.

For instance this bag of dog food shows a picture of the contents drawing the buyer's attention to the many different colors as if the consumer were a child buying a box of fruit loops. Then they mislead the consumer buy showing pictures of vegetables and grains on the package, where it becomes obvious that they are trying to draw a connection between the oranges and reds and greens and yellows that the dog food comes in and various "healthy" ingredients from which it comes. Now I am not saying that there is no corn or green beans or wheat or carrots or meat in the food, the ingredients clearly lists it, but as they say... "It's all in the packaging."

What the manufacturer is hoping is that you instantly draw this false misleading connection before you read the ingredients so your focus will be drawn to these ingredients and not the true reason the dog food is so colorful... "added color (Yellow 5, Red 40, Yellow 6, Blue 2)".

Why not just put pictures of Crayola crayons on the bag, oh and "chicken by-product meal" whatever that is?

The answer... in the processed food world the truth doesn't sell!

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