Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Preparing an Avocado

If you love avocados as wife and I do than you probably buy them all the time for fresh guacamole or your favorite avocado recipe. Of course if an avocado is nothing more than one of the many "exotic fruits" (or vegetable depending on who you talk to) that frightens you away because of the fear of the unknown, then this is your lucky day.

When picking an avocado from the bunch you want it to be soft (but not too soft); you should be able to squeeze it in your finger with little effort.

When peeling an avocado, simply run a medium size knife around it (long ways) cutting it down to the large pit in the center. Once you've gone completely around the avocado grab both ends and twist them in opposite directions rotating them around the pit, and pull them apart.

Next, grab the half with the pit, and take the knife and chop into the pit (careful not to chop into your hand). Then simply rotate the knife while holding the avocado still; the pit will rotate then pop out. Discard the pit.

Finally you peel the skin from both halves (gently). This is where picking the right one makes the job easy; too hard and you will never separate the skin from the avocado, and too soft and you'll have a mushy mess in your hands.


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