Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Be Creative With Your Meals

Last night my wife made Chicken and Artichoke for dinner (excellent by the way), from a recipe she found online. As with all recipes we find, we often modify them slightly based on the ingredients we have on hand at the time (as well as substituting anything we can with organic), especially when the recipe calls for some pre-made or pre-prepared ingredient... and this recipe was no exception.

When it came to the sauce they called for a can of "Campbell's cream of mushroom"... are you kidding me?

Are the writers of some of these recipes that lazy (and do they automatically assume that the readers are) that we can't prepare the sauce from scratch using fresh healthy ingredients?

Obviously we did not use a pre-made sauce, and believe it or not the meal turned out just fine... better than fine actually!

So when you're making your next meal from a recipe that you stumbled upon, be creative and be adventuress. We were taught as children not to color outside the lines and to follow directions to the 't', but often it's from that creativity and desire to venture off the path that great things are made.

Substituting any pre-made, pre-prepared ingredient for fresh healthy (organic) ingredients when preparing any meal is not just the healthier choice, it's sure to yield a tastier dish.

Go for it, you won't be sorry!

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