Friday, April 17, 2009

Tasty Healthy Milk Replacements

There are many great tasting healthy alternatives for milk for those who suffer from a dairy allergy or are simply trying to stay away from dairy for other health reasons (my wife fall into a combination of both). I have some of these listed under Dairy Replacements, but I just wanted to give a little more info about each...

My favorite is Pacific's Organic Oat Milk, it has a rich creamy flavor and makes for a great milk replacement. It's probably one of the few that I've found (taste wise) that works well in cereal, in recipes, or simply enjoyed by the glass.

Another great milk alternative is Pacific Organic Almond Milk (it comes in plain or vanilla flavored). It's not as creamy as the oat milk, but still works well in both cereals and cooking recipes (especially good for those with a gluten allergy).

Now it skim milk is what you're use to than try Pacific All Natural Rice Milk, it comes in both regular and vanilla flavored. It's my least favorite choice and probably won't give your recipes much flavor, but it is a good dairy alternative for skim milk lovers.

Finally, sticking with Pacific Natural Food brand products, they also make an All Natural Hazel Nut Milk. I've never tried this one, but I am very curious to know what it tastes like.

I left out goat milk for a reason, it's not always an option for those with a dairy allergy (i suggest being tested first) and it has a very goaty flavor. Trust me goaty although not a word according to the Webster dictionary is the best adjective to describe the flavor. So try these great dairy alternatives for yourself, you're sure to fall in love with one of them!

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