Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Dairy Replacements

Below is a list of dairy and dairy related foods that I have since cut from my diet, along with the products I have discovered along the way that best replace them. My wife and I use these replacements, and for the most part have found them to work seamlessly in all our recipes. Next to each one I have added what I feel to be some useful comments and cautions, as well as a list of the brands that I’ve found to be the safest, best tasting, and healthiest substitutes for me.


Milk---------------------->So Delicious Coconut Milk (soy/dairy/gluten Free)

*Comes in Original, Unsweetened, and Vanilla flavors

---------------------------->Almond milk (Read labels some brands contain soy)

*Pacific Organic Almond Milk (Comes in both regular and vanilla flavored)

---------------------------->Rice milk (closer to skim milk; not my first choice)

*Pacific All Natural Rice Milk (Comes in both regular and vanilla flavored)

---------------------------->Hazelnut milk (Very Tasty)
*Pacific All Natural Hazelnut Milk (Comes in both regular and vanilla flavored)

*You may notice that I haven’t listed goat’s milk as a milk replacement. That’s because I have experienced dairy allergy symptoms when using powdered goat’s milk in its place. Ironically though I have not experienced this with either goat cheese or goat’s milk ice cream, as you will see them listed below.

Cream------------------->Organic canned Coconut Milk (not low fat variety) or any of above 'milk replacements' with added Tapioca or Coconut Flour (add to desired consistency)

Cheese------------------>Goat Cheese (Be sure to be tested for allergies!)
*Woolwich (Canadian Goat Cheese): Cheddar / Mozzarella
*Solera (Spanish Goat Cheese): Rosey Goat, Winey Goat,

*Watch for “country of manufacture”. I tend to go with cheeses made outside the U.S, I've found there’s less of a chance it will contain a mix of goat and cow’s milk.

Butter------------------>Goat or Sheep's Butter

--------------------------->Olive Oil (Not for cooking, meal topper only)
*Organic Unrefined Extra Virgin olive oil

----------------------------->Organic Raw Coconut Oil (for all your cooking or recipe needs)

Ice Cream---------------> Look for Low Sugar varieties

------------------------------>Goat’s Milk Ice Cream
*La Loo’s Black Mission Fig (Read labels; some of the other flavors contain Lecithin)

------------------------------>Hemp Milk Ice Cream (Soy Dairy and Gluten Free)
*Living Harvest; (Vanilla and Coconut flavor are my favorites)

------------------------------>Coconut Milk Ice Cream (Soy Dairy and Gluten Free)
*Always read labels, some flavors may contain Lecithin!

Shortening------------->Palm Oil
*Spectrum Organic Palm Oil

*As a rule of thumb always read labels, be aware of your own specific allergies, and keep a daily journal to record your body’s reactions to the food you eat. Never take someone else’s word for it when it comes to food allergies, what’s ok for one person may not be ok for you!
(Soy Replacements)-------->NEXT

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