Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Soy Replacements

Below is a list of soy related foods that I have since cut from my diet, along with the products I have discovered along the way that best replace them. My wife and I use these replacements, and for the most part have found them to work seamlessly in all our recipes. Next to each one I have added what I feel to be some useful comments and cautions, as well as a list of the brands that I’ve found to be the safest, best tasting, and healthiest substitutes for me.

*The best way I’ve found to avoid soy is to eat fresh foods, and to cook meals from scratch with fresh ingredients.


Soy Sauce-------------------------------->Balsamic Vinegar

Teriyaki Sauce-------------------------->Homemade (see below)
Balsamic Vinegar/Brown Sugar/Molasses/Garlic/Olive Oil

Vegetable Oil---------------------------->I believe only Healthy Saturated Fats should be used for cooking such as lard, and coconut oil.

Soy Milk--------------------------------->See Dairy Replacements- Milk

Non-Dairy Coffee additives------->Drink it black (It’s the healthy way to go!)

Yogurt/Ice Cream-------------------->See Dairy Replacements- Ice Cream
*Always read labels, some brands and flavors contain Lecithin

Canned fish----------------->Wild Alaskan Salmon or Sardines (in water)
*Be VERY careful with canned fish; even packed in water many contain vegetable oil (Soy)

Vitamin/Supplements------------->Whole food supplements

*Most multi vitamins contain soy or vitamin E (d-alpha tocopherals)
*There is no substitute for eating healthy, fresh, unprocessed foods!

Peanut Butter----------------------->Old Style Organic freshly ground peanuts

*I’ve read that in some cases, people who have a soy allergy can also be allergic to peanuts (they're both legumes). I was beginning to believe that I fell into this mold, despite the fact that I was tested for a peanut allergy and came up negative. That is until I stumbled upon 100% freshly ground peanuts with no preservatives, at my local grocery and health food store. I’m convinced the problem I was having with the processed peanut butter was that even brands that don’t contain soy, were most likely processed in a plant that also process soy!

*Make sure you’ve been tested for a peanut allergy, especially if you suspect one!

Preserves / Fruit Spreads--------> Crofter's (their fruit spreads have no added sugar)

Chocolate Chips
-------------------->Enjoy Life semi sweet chocolate chips
*These contain no artificial ingredients and are Soy, Dairy, and Gluten Free, not to mention they taste great!
*I use this with oat milk to make chocolate milk; tastes great!

Cereal----------------------------------->I do not believe cereal is part of a healthy diet.  Even "healthier" choices contain added sugar and of course grains, both of which affect the body's natural insulin response resulting in a chronic auto-immune diseases such as diabetes, heart  disease, cancer, etc.

Oatmeal------------------->I do not believe oatmeal is part of a healthy diet.  Even "healthier" choices may contain added sugar and of course grains (oats), both of which affect the body's natural insulin response resulting in a chronic auto-immune diseases such as diabetes, heart  disease, cancer, etc.

Pancake mix------------------------->Homemade Coconut Flour Pancake mix (See recipe section!)

Crackers------------------------------->Look for *Gluten Free with NO added sugar if you must.

Bread---------------------------------->Palio Bread

Croutons---------------------------->Homemade (and Gluten Free) if you must!

Bread crumbs--------------------->Gillians Gluten Free

*Homemade is always the healthiest and safest choice!

Salad Dressing-------------------->Olive Oil and Balsamic/Apple Cider/Red Wine Vinegar
*Combine your favorite organic style vinegar with organic unrefined olive oil and some organice red pepper flakes, garlic powder, parsley and oregano and shake or mix well. Simple healthy and tastes great!

*Avoid pre made salad dressings!

Fruit Juice------------------------>I believe fruit juices should be avoided due to its high sugar content, both  added and naturally occurring.

Seasoned Rice Mixes--------->Organic Long Grain White Rice, Quinoa, Amaranth, or other Gluten Free grain verities

Mixed Nuts------------------------>Individually packaged nuts (shelled or in the shell)
*Read labels due to cross contamination during packaging!

Canned Soups/Broths-------->Stick with homemade (See recipe section!)

----------------------------------------->Some Organic varieties (read labels; some contain soy)
*Imagine Organic Free Range Chicken Broth
*Imagine Organic Chicken or beef Cooking Stock (contains Natural Flavors)

Mixed Spices---------------------->Stick with pure individual spices
*Simply Organic is the brand I like

Sauces/Marinates-------------->Homemade (They’re easy, healthy and taste better!)

Bouillon Cubes------------------>See "Broths" above

Frozen Vegetables-------------->Fresh is best!
*Any frozen vegetable with a sauce most likely contains soy!

Ketchup---------------------------->Organic (Read labels, organic doesn’t mean Soy Free!)
*Also try kosher.

Mayonnaise----------------------->Spectrum Organic Canola Mayonnaise

Packaged Foods----------------->Organic (Read labels, organic doesn’t mean Soy Free!)
*I’ve also had some luck with Kosher products or International Brands.

*When buying prepackaged foods, always look for Organic products. Choose those with the fewest ingredients, while avoiding unnecessary preservatives, additives, and food colorings.

Moisturizers--------------------->Organic Raw Coconut Oil

Soaps/Shaving Cream---------->Organic Palm Oil or Goats Milk based soaps
*Check your local health food store.

*As a rule of thumb always read labels, be aware of your own specific allergies, and keep a daily journal to record your body’s reactions to the food you eat. Never take someone else’s word for it when it comes food allergies, what’s ok for one person may not be ok for you!


  1. Great list! I too am allergic to soy and dairy, among a slue of other allergies - legumes, etc. (deathly allergic to Peanuts)

    I've tried for years to just get over not feeling well when eating dairy and soy containing foods, but as I get older and can be in control of what I eat I've begun eliminating them from my diet. Tired of not feeling well.

    Just wanted to let you know that while shopping for canned tuna today I was amazed that it contained soy. I'm a label reader, but never read the tuna I guess b/c it's packed in water or so I thought! Anyways, I found that Starkist - low sodium gave no mention of soy like it's other canned friends. I found that to be pretty exciting. :)


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