Monday, April 6, 2009

Listen to Your Body

It's very important when it comes to food allergies that you be honest with yourself. Ignoring even the slightest seemingly insignificant reaction could be an import warning from your body, that bigger more severe issues are right around the corner. I found this out the hard way with my own allergies (Soy and Dairy), and paid for it later in life. For years I was getting allot of wax buildup in my ears, and experiencing great pain deep within either ear, if I tried to sleep on my side. I was also having the typical gastrointestinal issues that one usually experiences when they have a dairy intolerance, but just like the ear issue I was ignoring the warning signs.

When the body doesn't digest food properly, especially on a regular basis, the lining of your intestines becomes compromised, and because the condition of your intestines is a direct indicator of the condition of your immune system the damage being done can have severe consequences. A weekend immune system opens the door to a world of problems, creating the perfect environment for unwanted bacteria and parasites to flourish making you susceptible to any number of viruses or diseases.

So be smart and listen to what your body is telling you, because you’re only fooling yourself.


  1. Your blog and voluntary simplicity are helping me find my way through this soy allergy nightmare...I am also allergic to almost all tree nuts, shrimp and the outdoors at large! I am existing right now on a small amount of food...and slowly adding stuff in. My question is about the ear wax? What is that a sign of? I don't have that but others in the family do and just wondered how it fit into the picture. Thanks for blogging your journey.

  2. I am glad you find it helpful, although I hope you are joking about being allergic to the "outdoors at large".

    About the earwax, for me the dairy allergy was the culprit and since I've been dairy free I have not had any problems with excessive ear wax build-up.

    You may want to consider testing yourself for a dairy allergy. I've been doing great since I gave it up (soy as well) and from what I've read there is a growing number that believe dairy products are not healthy for people, and they have a lot of data behind their theories. I've posted about it a number of times... check out Allergy Help Dairy under my site directory.

  3. Kym again, finding that it becomes easier over time as you say to avoid soy. I feel much better and so does my family. When I say allergic to the outdoors at large, I mean, almost every tree and grass make me sneeze etc. I haven't tried avoiding dairy to see if that changes environmental allergies. Went to allergy dr. but he just wanted to do shots and really was not sympathetic to the soy allergy at all. So, I stopped going. My gen. dr. is GREAT! We are buying our first grass fed beef and slowly going mostly organic...thanks for all the good tips! My blog is


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