Monday, April 13, 2009

Be Creative With Your Meals!

It's important to maintain a healthy diet both full of fresh organic whole foods as well as allergen free (if applicable), but you should never have to sacrifice taste and variety when it comes to that timeless question, "What's for dinner?".

I originally started this blog to answer that very question, and although it's broadened its reach, becoming a good well-rounded site for many other diet, health, and natural healing facts and info, at the core it remains a place where someone living with these "dietary roadblocks" can come for direction. I regularly try to update my already extensive list of Dairy and Soy food replacements, as well as post new fun and exciting recipes as they become available.

I still get excited every time my wife and I come up with a work-around for some dish that most people would think impossible for someone with my food allergies to enjoy, especially knowing that there are many others out there that suffer from the same (or similar) food allergies.

So be creative (but be smart) and don't let your food allergies dictate your menu!

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