Thursday, April 9, 2009

The health benefits of Dandelions

Spring is officially here, and even with April still on that "weather cusp" of two very different seasons it only takes a few days in the sunny sixties for us to see it in all its beauty. Spring means flowers and all of the vibrant colors and smells that go along with them. My wife's favorite is the daffodil, the quintessential spring time flower if there ever was one. A perfect symbol of spring itself…here for a short time in all its beauty, then without any warning disappearing into the backdrop of summer only to reappear next year.

Flowers aren't the only thing the warmer weather has to offer though, where there's flowers there's weeds. But before you set off on your summertime mission to kill all those lawn intruders, you may want to consider the health benefit of the most notorious off them all...the dandelion. You may be surprised to know that the dandelion is ranked in the top 5 most nutritional green vegetables you can eat. This pesky little menace has been proven to aid in many common health issues; ranging from supporting liver function, cholesterol, gastro-intestinal issues, blood disorders, as well as being effective in preventing curtain cancers.

So the next time you find yourself face to face with your lawn nemesis, consider going down to your local health food store, farm stand, or grocery store and stock up on one of nature’s super foods.

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