Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Don't Be Affraid To Question Your Doctor!

For quite some time I suffered from the frustrating debilitating and detrimental side effects of food allergies that conventional doctors and western medicine could not diagnose let alone cure. Their response to my later diagnosed soy allergy (swollen painful itchy fingers and toes) was pills and creams (steroids/anti inflammatories/antihistamines); none of which aided in my recovery, and all of which were like poison to an already compromised immune system.

My luck with the later diagnosed dairy allergy I was suffering from was just as poor when I was following the more traditional path of health and wellness; mask the symptoms instead of fixing the problem. Even a Proctologist, who is supposed to be an expert in the gastro-intestinal workings, gave no mention to food allergies as the possible cause of the intestinal issues I was experiencing. Prescription medication and over the counter pro biotics was his only advice.

It was not until I got fed up with western medicine and turned to a natural approach to health and wellness did I (with the help of my kinesiologist) find the root cause of my problem (the dairy and soy allergies), which not only put an end to the reactions but fixed the damage caused by years of neglect (or oversight) on my part. So don't be afraid to question your doctor, or the traditional approach to health care for that matter, because in the end your health and wellbeing is in your hands!

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