Friday, March 6, 2009

Treat the Cause NOT the Symptom

A bad habit within western medicine is to treat the symptom without ever actually addressing the root cause. It's all too easy to simply take a pill to pacify a pain or ailment, without ever actually investigating the real question of “why”. Especially in this day and age when there's a pill for just about anything imaginable; if your head hurts, take a pill; aches and pains, take a pill; can't sleep, take a pill; no energy, take a pill; high blood pressure, take a pill; high cholesterol, take a pill; addictions, take a pill; depressed, take a pill. I recently watched a commercial for some antacid pill (people in a diner eating ridiculously large portions of greasy unhealthy food) basically advocating poor eating habits, and what’s there solution…take a pill!

Sure it takes time and effort to thoroughly investigate a health issue, more so than picking something off the shelf at your local pharmacy, but who are you really benefiting other than the pharmaceutical company? When you get that ache or pain, or those common symptoms of poor digestion, it’s your body trying to tell you something. So why not listen? The human body (and all its workings) is a remarkable and complex natural wonder, which even today’s modern science has not been able to duplicate. So the question is why are we so comfortable leaving our health in the hands of chemists and scientists, and often shy away from taking a natural approach. As complex and advanced as the human body is, we are all dependent upon key nutrients; and it’s these key nutrients that nature provided for us to maintain optimal health.

You can be assured that if you took the natural approach to health and wellness, you would undoubtedly find a nutrient deficiency (of some type) at the root cause; be it vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, polyphenols, etc. You can’t expect to live a pain free life if your diet consists of fast foods, processed foods, refined sugars… There is no substitute for fresh whole foods! Try them, and start feeling better today!

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