Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Support Your Local Organic Farmers

Without a doubt buying organic food is a smart and healthy choice, and in my opinion the right choice, but why not take it one step further and support your local organic farmers. It's true, those organic tomatoes, that organic lettuce, or even those organic apples you're buying are a much healthier choice than the non-organic variety, but are they as fresh as they could be? If you're buying them from your local grocery store then the answer is probably no.

You would be surprised how many local organic farms are in (or near) your area, it just takes a little investigating. Even if you don't have farm stands nearby eager to sell you their fresh organic fruits and vegetables, you probably have a health food store in the area. Most likely they get their produce locally, compared to grocery stores that get most (if not all) or their organic foods from California.

Nothing compares to fresh organic fruit and vegetables, both nutritionally and in taste. So the next time you stock up on your weeks supply of all your healthy favorites, look for the locally grown organic variety (when/where available), you'll be doing yourself and your community a favor.

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