Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Snack Healthy!

We've all seen it at work, coworkers snacking all day without even considering the consequences. If your office is anything like mine, there is always a candy jar, or pretzel jar, or other office snacks lying about, and no shortage of takers. I watch my coworkers every day walk by the jar and grab a handful of whatever is available, almost subconsciously like they're not even aware they're doing it. I say subconsciously because I would like to believe that if they knew what the tallied amounts of fat, calories, and refined sugars from all of those handfuls were they would think twice before diving in.

Snacking is not an unhealthy thing. As a matter of fact snacking throughout the day can even cause you to eat less at your usual scheduled meals (lunch and dinner), but the key is in what your snacking on. The healthiest foods you can snack on are whole foods (uncooked), such as raw vegetables, fruit, and raw nuts (any variety is good) and seeds (I like pumpkin seeds myself). These snacks actually give your body what it needs without dramatically affecting blood sugar levels (spiking up and down) as many of the refined overly processed foods (fast digesting carbohydrates) often do. You eat less because your body is being fed what it is actually craving...nutrients!

So snack healthy today, it's what your body wants.

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