Thursday, March 26, 2009

Get Some Sun

With the warmer weather coming it's important we take some time out of our busy days and enjoy it. A 15 minute lunchtime walk will not only clear your head and help relieve some of the daily stress we all contend with, but it is a good source of Vitamin D.

Vitamin D is very important to a healthy immune system and studies show that Americans get far too little of it on a daily basis, especially during the colder months. Supplement form is always a good option (always see your health care practitioner first), but the sun is a great source...and it's free! We have all been so scared into believing that the sun will kill us that we either spend very little time in it, or when we do we're all covered up with cloths or sun screen.

I'm not a doctor and don't claim to be, but based on what I've read 15 of sun a day can do a body good.

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