Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Smart Shopping During Tough Times

During these tough economic times we often tighten our budget. We reanalyze our spending to see where we can save a few pennies, and in reality it's the only smart way to ride out the storm. The question though shouldn't be where within our monthly budget we make the changes (food, gas, entertainment...), but rather how we make them. Although it is financially smart (and extremely healthy) to lessen the amount of eating out we do, it is not smart to skimp on what we buy at the grocery store. It is true that an unhealthy diet is cheaper (at check-out) than a healthy one, but you're not doing your health or your wallet any favors by avoiding the healthier, better quality foods. It's an indisputable fact that a healthy diet directly contributes to better health, and I'm sure no one needs a reminder as to what the average American spends in health care (Dr. visits, Rx's, tests and procedures, etc.) within a given year.

So make the smart healthy chose, and maintain a healthy diet, even through these tough times. The benefits to your overall wellness will be evident in no time, and financially you'll be amazed come next year’s tax time as to how much you've saved.

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