Friday, July 31, 2009

The Shoppers Dilemma

So you're in the produce aisle, organic broccoli in one hand and non-organic in the other, and you're trying to decide which one to put in your cart (and inevitably on your dinner table).

They look the same, they feel the same, they smell the same, but the non-organic is a few bucks cheaper...decision made, the non-organic it is. And you rationalize this decision by saying I got the same thing as the organic broccoli (or whatever fruit/vegetable it may be), and saved a few bucks at the same time... but did you, get the same thing for cheaper that is?

Research shows that organic fruits and vegetables have a significantly higher level of nutrients (vitamins, minerals, polyphenols...) than their non-organic counterpart, without the added pesticides, dyes, and chemicals.

Let's take a strictly logical look at this; you buy food to ultimately refuel the body. This "refueling" requires nutrients to be successful. In reality then when you are food shopping you are actually shopping for nutrients. So if you look at food (in this case the broccoli) as strictly a source of nutrients then it becomes clear that when you made the choice to go with the non-organic produce you actually paid more for less (nutrients that is), so the "savings" is really an illusion.

Shop smart and healthy; buy organic!

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