Thursday, July 16, 2009

Blueberry Season is Upon Us

If you're a fan of the blueberry as I am, then blueberry season is a special time of the year.

Like any food it's always best to eat it while it's in season to insure your enjoying it at its freshest healthiest and most flavorful point, and blueberries are no exception.

If you've ever tried to buy blueberries during an off season time, then you know what I'm talking about. They are 3 times the price and are almost completely lacking of flavor. The blueberry is an exceptional fruit, high in nutrients especially antioxidants, not to mention these little berries pack an explosion of taste that is (in my opinion) rivaled by none other.

So enjoy them while they're here...during blueberry season. Obviously depending on where you are located the season will vary, so watch for the prices to come down, stock up, and enjoy one of nature's "wonder foods" when nature intended it to be eaten.

Here's a little tip for enjoying them during the off season months. Buy them in bulk while they're in season, and freeze them. Although they will not taste as good as when they are eaten fresh, they will no doubt beat the off season impostors that the local food stores try to pass off as a blueberry.

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