Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Healthy Ingredients Make a Healthy Meal

When you think of a cheese steak sandwich the first thing that probably comes to mind is greasy, fattening, and unhealthy... not necessarily in that order. This is probably true if you get such a sandwich from a diner, lunch truck, fast food joint, etc.

So how can you enjoy such a meal? How about make it yourself with fresh organic produce and grass fed beef...

I made a cheese steak sandwich the other night using fresh organic onions, cactus (instead of peppers... just to shake things up a bit), goat cheese (cheddar), and stake from grass fed cows purchased at a local farm.

I fried it on a cast iron skillet with some organic coconut oil; took less than 30min to cook, and tasted great!

My point is you can still eat some of the foods that are considered to be a healthy diet "no no", when you prepare them yourself.

When you start with healthy ingredients, you can't help but end up with a healthy meal!

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