Friday, July 10, 2009

Hands Out Of That Cookie Jar!

I know I've posted about this before, but I felt it deserved more attention.

We have all seen this at work at one time or another; the communal cookie jar, or candy jar, or box of donuts, or whatever... bottom line it's a jar (or box) of bad news. So why then is it so popular?

Where I work there is a candy jar, a pretzel jar, and usually a miscellaneous container of sweets that someone brought in, and there's no shortage of takers... but why? Why do people get this urge to snack on crap throughout the day, and do they even realize they are doing it? Do people go into a coma like state of mind when passing by the break-room, conscious to only where they are headed and not what they are doing?

I see these jars and containers start off full every morning and wind up empty by day's end, and I think to myself it's no wonder most Americans get sick a handful of times every year.

I read that due to the fact that our brains cells require glucose (sugar) for fuel as well as the evolutionary process sugar has undertaken over the past century with the help of man (and by evolution I mean the transition from natural healthy sources to the mass production of super sweet man made strands brought to life in some lab rats test tube), that our brains instinctive want or need for this fuel in its most high octane level leads people following a misguided unhealthy path.

Because the brain cells cannot store glucose, we're on a kind of a "usage on demand" terms so you can't blame our brains for this craving, but you can (and should) blame us for satisfying the urge with a very deadly impostor.

Remember that we (and our brains) have been around for a long time, longer than "high fructose corn syrup" and the other culprits, so when it comes to feeding the glucose craving we should do it the natural way; from grains, legumes, fruits, vegetables, honey, etc.

Not from cakes, cookies, candy or whatever poison your "communal cookie jar" may hold.

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