Thursday, July 30, 2009

Allergy Awareness

With food allergies on the rise in this country allergy awareness becomes even more import, and with children being affected at such an alarming rate it is crucial we do what we can to stay one step ahead.

This means education is crucial, and not just about the particular food allergy you (or your child suffers from) but about nutrition and a healthy diet as well. I believe (and research shows) that a major cause of this disturbing growth rate of diagnosed food allergy cases can be contributed at least in part to unhealthy diets (although I am a firm believer that an unhealthy diet is the MAJOR cause of most health problems in this country).

It is time we migrate away from the processed foods that make up the better part of most typical American diets, and all of the chemicals, additives, and preservatives that come hand-in-hand with these science experiments, and move in the direction of healthier one; fresh organic produce, organic whole foods, and organic grass fed beef poultry and eggs.

Allergy awareness also means alerting others, especially for kids. An interesting site I recently came across Allergy Apparel takes awareness and makes it fun, so check it out!

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