Tuesday, July 17, 2012

What can be more natural then feeding fish soy...

Since 1995 when Monsanto, the maker of Round-up, introduced their latest and possibly most deadly creation; GM (round-up ready) soy beans, they have been slowly and quite effectively taking over (infecting) our food industry.

With help from the US government and their desire to be at the "leading edge" of biogenetics research, the United States has become the biggest advocate for this man made cancer, accounting for well over 50% of all GM crops worldwide.  Rivaled by only GM corn, genetically modified soy is used in some way shape or form in all non-organic processed foods, and is nearly unavoidable when shopping at your local grocer.  All non-organic non-pastured meats (beef, chicken, pork, turkey) as well as dairy produced and sold in this country, are fed GM soy (as well as corn) as the majority of their diets.  So from packaged goods to fresh produce to packaged and fresh meats and dairy, you just can't escape this hidden cancer.

So what could possibly make things worse?

How about if Monsanto, the leading maker of GMO's, and agricultural factory-farmed food conglomerate Cargill put their evil strengths together in a push to make GM soy the primary feed for factory farmed fish...

And that's just what they're doing!  As if we needed more of a reason not to buy factory farmed fish, with its overly crowded overly populated disease infested conditions, the last thing this unhealthy population of fish need is GM soy added to their diets.  Not only would it be detrimental to the health of those fish fed this poisonous  unnatural diet, but it would be devastating to wild marine life and ecosystems due to run-off of both uneaten food as well as the abundance of waist produced by these fish, not to mention the pesticides within the GMO itself.

Don't give the last piece of the food puzzle to these profit, greed, and world-domination driven corporations.

Say no to Factory Pharming!

Support your local organic sustainable farmer!

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