Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Monsanto looking for world domination?

It would appear that Monsanto is looking for world domination when it comes to our food industry, which shouldn't come as a surprise since they already rule the food industry within the US.

They have control over the Department of Agriculture at all levels and can sway any vote by congress in their favor.  They directly influence our medical industry by funding biogenetic research at the university level, while threatening lawsuits and pulling funds to universities that do not oblige.  They have a very influential hand in the pharmaceutical industry, which conveniently enough  forces their hand (a second time) in our medical industry.  And they have absolute rule over all farmers that have sold their souls to the devil (Monsanto), not to mention those farmers that haven't... once it has been determined that any portion of a farmers crop originated from Monsanto's GM seeds, even due to cross contamination, they own you!

With the United States in the bag, it appears they (Monsanto) are finally breaking down the previously impenetrable European Union...   Monsanto promises pain to EU

So what can we do to prevent the global destruction caused as a result?

Support local organic sustainable farms for all your pastured meats, eggs, dairy, and vegetables.  For all other store bought products, try and choose organic brands that are not associated with companies such as Monsanto; click here for a brief list.  And be aware that this is just a general list and does not include every company that is in one way or another at some level tied to Monsanto.  Even some organic brands that may not include GM ingredients have ties to Monsanto.

Educate yourself and take control of your health!

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