Friday, July 13, 2012

Bill Gates, philanthropist or chauvinist?

Bill Gates has been credited for his enormous generosity when it comes to helping those "less fortunate" and impoverished countries.  His list of "selfless deeds" includes investing nearly $30 million into Monsanto for biogenetic research and the use of GM crops to "save" these starving nations.

A documentary that I recently watched, The world according to Monsanto, opened my eyes even further to the mass destruction on a global level that this multinational company causes.  How they basically force their way into countries with their seemingly unlimited funds and political influence in order to enter (infect) a given country agriculturally with their GM seed, ultimately rendering the country dependent upon Monsanto for their crops. 

To these 3rd world countries, agriculture is not big industry but rather a deeply rooted way of life.  These are often small family farms that produce just enough for survival.  And for countries like Mexico who pride themselves for their many verities of  heirloom maize, many from seeds passed down generation to generation, which now due to cross contamination with Monsanto's GM seeds by way of the United States, their very way of life is being threatened.  

This push for control over a nation's agriculture (food) and ultimately the nation itself, is inevitable once Monsanto has entered the market.  When Monsanto's GM round-up ready seed is used, the farmer becomes dependent upon Monsanto for the chemical fertilizer and herbicide (weed killer) required in order for the crops to ever grow.  As they quickly become the only game in town, putting an end to the family farm, they can charge whatever ridiculous price they want for their patented seed.  And patented is the key word, because since they own the seed the farmer is forbidden to recover any of their seed for subsequent year's crops.  This makes farmers totally dependent upon Monsanto, turning farmers into indentured servants. 

This "philanthropic" approach of "donating" GM seed to 3rd world countries in order to end the worlds hunger problems is by no means a good deed.  It is simply a way for Monsanto to get their foot in the door, and once in, absolute control! 

"It's an undisputed fact at this point that the introduction of genetically engineered crops lead to diminished biodiversity, which is the direct opposite of what the world needs. Truly, in order to save the planet and ourselves, small-scale organic and sustainable farming must not only prevail but flourish, and GM crops do not help, but rather threaten their existence. Seeds have always been sold and swapped freely between farmers, preserving biodiversity, and without that basis, you cannot have food sovereignty. And with fewer farmers, "feeding the hungry with GM crops" is nothing but a pipe dream." March 4th 2012

My advise to Mr. Gates... If world domination is still in your blood then go back to torturing billions with your operating systems!  At least with computers there is an off switch...

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  1. From what I understand these philanthropic organizations are merely a way to advance the global agenda and really just "smoke & mirrors' to make it seem like a good deed.


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