Thursday, July 5, 2012

Bee proactive when it comes to the disappearance of our bees

I posted last year sometime about my thoughts on the disappearance of our nations honeybees, and what I felt was the culprit to this ultimately devastating trend.  I felt that based on what I've learned about our nations corrupt evil profit driven food system (factory pharming, GMO's, toxic chemicals, pesticides) that the answer to what their calling CCD (colony collapse disorder) was right in front of us.  It seemed quite obvious to me at the time, that the same thing that has killed the majority of this worlds fertile soil, and the same thing that is promoting disease and fatality amongst humans who consume this nutrient deficient toxic food, might very well be the same thing that is mysteriously killing bees, and now I see that others have assumed the same. 

One person in particular, an Illinois bee keeper by the name of Mr. Ingram, had been doing research for the past 15 years on a hunch that factory pharming, more specifically the use of pesticides and herbicides, are the cause.  

"Ingram believes the destruction of his bees and hives is more likely to be related to his research into the effect of Roundup on honey bees. He claims some 250 of his colonies have been killed off over the years by Monsanto's broad-spectrum herbicide, used in large quantities on both conventional- and genetically engineered crops. Ingram's research shows that Roundup can lead to what's called chilled brood, which is an entirely different scenario."

If you know anything about this pure evil that is Monsanto and their ties and influence with Department of Agriculture on both the state and federal levels, you wouldn't be the least bit surprised to find out that once word of his research got out, the Illinois Department of Agriculture seized (stole and destroyed) his hives conveniently sabotaging the past 15years worth of research against Monsanto and their use of roundup as the cause.  What's behind Illinois stealing local hero's bee hives?  

So what can you do you ask?

Be Proactive!  Stop being ignorant about where your food comes from and at what cost, and stop supporting factory pharming!  Start supporting your local organic sustainable farmers for all your pastured meats, eggs, and dairy.  Buy only locally grown organic produce.  Plant a garden for that matter, and fight the urge to use any herbicide or pesticide, and instead vow to take the organic rout.  Raise your own flock (2 or 3 is all you need) of backyard pastured laying hens, and enjoy the health benefits and amazing taste of a real egg.  Reintroduce yourself with something that you've been depriving yourself of for all these years... real food!

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  1. Thanks for the article, very interesting. We have a large vegetable garden where we don't use any herbicides or pesticides (mostly organic fertilizers, and then a mixture of hydrogen peroxide to keep the pests off). So far they look great and it's nice to know we're not eating any chemicsls (not sure if the plants came from GMO'd seeds tho).


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