Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Drought plus annual-mono-agriculturalistic society equals disaster!

I can't help but wonder if this severe drought that much of the U.S. is experiencing, isn't hitting the country's food industry even harder than it would if our agriculture wasn't so dependent upon annual monocrops?

Much of our countries "farm land" is covered by either GM corn or soy; that's hundreds of millions of acres of land that if untouched would be occupied by perennial forests or prairie land, both of which fair far better during periods of extremes.  Instead these over plowed, over sprayed and otherwise infertile barren stretches of our landscape are a perfect recipe for disaster.  There is a reason that annual monocultures such as these do not exist in nature... But we (humans) have created a society that is entirely dependent upon them for survival.

With nearly every non-organic processed pre-packaged food containing in some way shape or form (GM soy and corn), and all non-organic fresh or frozen sold, as well as all factory farmed (grain/soy fed) meats and dairy sold in the U.S. coming from our amber waves of grain (and legume), there is no escaping the devastating effects currently plaguing much of the country in the face of this dry season.

Yet even with the current drought, dried up fields of corn, and the anticipated inevitable increased food prices making headlines, our society still believes we can "save the world" with deforestation, damming of rivers, and destroying of otherwise healthy perennial pollyculture ecosystems, by simply selling our souls to the idea of factory farming and it's puppet master Monsanto.

I would like to restate the obvious in an effort to save our food industry and ultimately ourselves, from ourselves... support local sustainable farming!  Buy only locally raised organic pastured meats, dairy, and eggs.  Stand up for your health and that of our long overly abused planet, and say no to GMOs!

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