Thursday, December 11, 2008

Product Alerts!

Below are some product alerts due to recent findings concerning Soy/Dairy allergies.
I have recently found that Season's sardines "packed in pure olive oil" are packaged on the same equipment as there products packaged in "soy oil". If you are like me, and are sensitive to cross contamination, then you will want to be aware of this finding especially if you are searching for packaged tuna replacements. Click on company name above to see email chain pertaining to this finding.

Click on the company name above for product alert information.

Click on the company name above for product alert information.

Click on the company name above for product alert information concerning vitamin supplements.


  1. Isn't it frustrating that 1- someone says we "shouldn't react to the oil..." but it seems that from what I read, most people do. and 2-companies are so subversive when all we need is to know if we can eat their food without getting sick.
    I am going to start writing all the companies of the food I can still eat and tell them thank you for a product NOT tainted with soy and unhealthy additives.
    I ate a handful of cheerios dry and broke out from the vitamin e added to indication of allergens anywhere. They are considered SOY FREE. Think how many babies eat these that have soy issues.

  2. It is unbelievable indeed and for me the Vitamin E, or commonly disguised as "tocopherols", was a tough one at first. Every time I thought I found a product with no soy, it turned out it had tocopherols in it; and yes they claimed it was soy free. I even had it out with companies that insisted that the process for which they used to extract the vitamin E left no reminisce of soy; obviously not true at all.

    My biggest advise to anyone with a soy allergy is don't fight it by spending all your time looking for packaged foods that you can tolerate, rather think of it as your chance to break free from the world of "processed foods", and experience 'HEALTHY' for the first time.


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