Friday, December 26, 2008

Tricky but not impossible

There are a lot of different types food allergies out there making up a plethora of food allergy combinations. Not to take away from any of the others, but a Soy and Dairy allergy combination can make for a tricky way of life.

A dairy allergy by itself is not that hard to work around, but the first thing that comes to most peoples minds as far as a milk replacement is soy milk. As a matter of fact most of the mainstream dairy alternatives contains soy. It's of no surprise considering everywhere you turn there is an advertisement on the tv, the radio, or in a magazine, pushing the benefits of soy.

So add a soy allergy to the mix, and that's where the fun begins. Unlike a gluten allergy, there are not many products manufactured as soy free, let alone soy and dairy free. It may be because it's seen as more of a children's allergy that is eventually grown out of, or maybe its because the soy industry is so profitable.

Either way we can't dwell on the cause; finger pointing won't relieve any of the symptoms or outbreaks...I can assure you of that! I mentioned above that a Soy and Dairy Allergy can make for a tricky way of life, but I did not say impossible. As a matter of fact it is very possible, and it just may be the healthiest move you make.

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