Friday, January 2, 2009

Vitamin D and Soy

Here is another example of a supplement manufacturer using vitamin E as an added ingredient in their supplements, which is sure to wreak havoc on those who suffer from a soy allergy.

This latest run-in is with Thorne, a well known manufacturer of high grade supplement products. Below Thorne's technical department describes their use of itamin E (derived from soybeans) in their vitamin D products.

"The D-1000 does contain a small amount of vitamin E, which is derived from mixed vegetable oils of which soy is the main ingredient. However, the vitamin E s pure E and not diluted with soy oil and nobody should react to it. That said, I understand there are some very sensitive people out there that can react to even the tiniest amount of a substance. So it is possible this patient could have somehow reacted to the product. "

This goes to show you no matter how large or reputable the manufacturer, you have to be cautious when taking supplements. You may think you're doing your body good, when in reality your causing harm by putting added stress on your immune system.

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